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Including Promotional Products in your Marketing Plan

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Now I want to break down why we decided to send this to you. 

More importantly, we want to give you the recipe for success so you can use the same or similar techniques for your marketing!   

This information many other firms would charge for!

Here are the methodologies we put in place to maximize engagement.  Many of these techniques are free to use! 

  1. Make an initial contact with your prospect to see if there is interest.  Could be a phone call, an email, website landing page or social media post with call to action, etc. 
  2. Once contact is made and there is engagement, many people would send an email & go right into pitching their services.  We find many people who are interested in your VALUABLE offer, are simply not ready to make a decision NOW, need to include other stakeholders or simply need to feel a level of TRUST with your organization.  Hold tight and offer some creative proof of your value as an organization.
  3. A theme was created surrounding a branded mailer box.  Inside relevant items to the offer and theme was sent out.  This package serves as the “proof” of the value proposition.  It also serves as a real life case study with durable items that fit the “theme” of the marketing piece.  Hopefully these items find a place in your business for some time?!
  4. To create value, we wrote this article with a unique link AND QR Code in the marketing package.  Behind the scenes, we’re notified when the link was opened by the recipient… YOU!
    1. PRO TIP:  There are many FREE and PAID sources for trackable QR codes.  We use the one found here: https://qrd.by/
  5. This way we’re measuring our marketing click through rate and increase the touchpoints to those we want MOST as clients. 
  6. Now we have something to talk to prospects about.  What did you think of the campaign?  How can we help you?  Is there any other information you would find useful?

Being transparent is part of our DNA. 

Let’s take a step back and show you where you can create a plan for your business!

Creating a marketing plan can seem like an intimidating task. Once you get your marketing blueprint mapped out, it doesn’t end there. Now you have the task of implementation. If you’re not including promotional products, you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle that can take your marketing plan in the right direction and to the next level. Research has shown that prospects receiving promotional products recall your message and brand.  Existing customers return sooner, more frequently and spend more money.

We all want shorter sales cycle, right?  How do you take advantage of the power of promotional products in your marketing plan?

One of the first steps to take before jumping into a marketing plan is research.  Don’t skip this step!

  • Who is your prospective client?
  • How will they use your service or product?
  • Where are the locations a promotional product is most likely to be located when a prospectwill need your services?
  • What are the best avenues to reach your market?

At first, you might think that promotional products don’t have a place in marketing research but consider this. Incorporating your ads with usable items, like branded USB Drives, you’re more likely to get a response. Not only do promotional products increase response, but the right item and messaging will stay with the prospective client for top of mind awareness for many months.  In the USB example, preloading information about your products or services will increase your marketing impact.  This can be done by many promotional marketing companies including ours at no additional cost.

Let’s say you’ve chosen to go a direct mail marketing route to drum up business. You only have a few seconds before the recipient decides to open or trash the mailing. Including an object in your mailing increases recall rates by over 50%!  This type of bulk mailing builds curiosity, has a higher chance of being read and places a useful product the prospect can keep. Even if the recipient decides to discard the letter, they chances of them keeping the product is high.  It serves as a constant reminder of your product or service. When they need your service or product in the future, that promotional product will remind them of your company when they need you the most. This is what we mean when we say Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA).

You can use a regular envelope for your direct mail and insert a small item to increase your response. Many of these items can be attached to bulk mail postcards!  Here are some examples:

  • Custom Seed Packets, Cell Phone Wallets, Flashlights, Post It Notes, Calendar Magnets, Bandaids, Variable Data such as Google Map graphic directions and more!

These are items prospects can use daily, can be easily stored or carried.

Let’s talk Referral Programs.  They can be a critical element to any marketing plan. Word-of-mouth is your best marketing and a referral from a current, happy customer is even more powerful. Creating a referral program with promotional products, whether it is simple or complex involving a points system, will help. Even if you’re looking to send a simple thank you note with a gift, there is a perfect item for your budget and needs. We can come up with fun and creative items that stand out to your customer.

Referrals are the best compliment a customer can give you. Don’t be afraid to invest in a referral program.  We also have the capabilities to offer programs that involve 1 off products at a time for your customer. Gift cards are often spent and forgotten, but a branded item will be remembered each time they see it.

If advertising in print publication is your best route, consider turning your advertisement into a direct response piece with a call to action. Say your business is a wealth management firm and you advertise in your local Chambers’ magazine. Share your success stories, market what makes you better than the competition, and then make your call to action. “Make an appointment with us today, and you’ll receive a leather bound journal to record your progress.” Tying the call to action with a promotional gift can increase response to your ad.

Let's not forget branded apparel.  Every touchpoint your employees have while wearing branded apparel, promotes your brand and gives off a professional image of your company.  If you've created a brand that has a following - you can now issue branded apparel as merch!  Very powerful tool that will increase awareness!

Promotional products offer a creative way to improve your brand recognition, develop client loyalty, create top of mind awareness, and increase response to your marketing efforts. If you’re not utilizing promotional products in your marketing plan, maybe it’s time to reconsider and ignite your marketing efforts.  It’s not about the tools available, it’s about the knowledge and expertise on how to implement them into your brand DNA!

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