Does Your Branding Agency Know Micro Breweries and What Promotional Items Will Best Support Your Brand?

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Brian Merrell @ SanzoTNT

What should you consider in a Promotional Marketing and Branding Agency?  What are the best Promotional products for my Business?  Lets face it, your job is to run your company and make sure you have the best Craft Beer that keeps customers them coming back in.  On top of that you have every sales person known to man knocking on your door with their magical product, goods, and services that will bring you the success you want!  Trust me I know!  I have been is all different types of sales from Gym Memberships, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Television, Radio, Construction Equipment, etc!  I even owned my own bar!  I lived in the beer business but not exactly like you.  I found that the first rule of business is there is no exact playbook that has all the answers.  I worked my day job selling Promotional Products and Corporate Branded Apparel during the day and then worked every night at my bar.   

What is a Promotional Product and Branding Agency?  Most people in our industry call themselves Brand Ambassadors, Branding Specialist, Brandingpaneurs, etc.  SanzoTNT is a company that partners with customers, creating solid marketing campaigns for events, giveaways, branded apparel and uniforms with their logo on it.  In a nutshell, we can get anything to put your message on.  We work side by side with manufacturing partners to make sure the items selected best represent your brand guidelines.  Face it no one wants to be sold.  Business owners want a partner that understands their business and makes the right purchasing decisions.

Salespeople can walk in your door and sell you a product but did they do their homework? Do they understand your core values and goals? Did they look at what has worked for other Craft Breweries?  Did they come to you with products and solutions that demonstrate all of these things? 

I bet we would all agree people like SWAG!  Nothing feels better than seeing someone who you don’t pay sporting your logo.  Promoting your brand to other like minded customers!  Now comes the hard part right?  What are the top SWAG products for craft beer companies?

Here are 5 promotional products that are guaranteed to make your craft brewery stand out among the masses:

1.Custom Raglan (¾ sleeve) Shirt

These shirts are awesome promotional products because they set your clients apart from so many other people who opt for the simple t-shirt.

Bonus: The raglan t-shirt also comes with a great story. It was originally created for Baron Raglan, who lost one of his arms at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and afterward, needed a shirt with more mobility for his sword arm.

2. The Growler

The brewery down the street will be giving out coasters and keychains at their next event. But not your brewery! They’re going to roll up to the next community event (music festival, art shows, etc.) and their booth is going to straight up outclass the competition with a stocked shelf of manly growlers.

Growlers are created so that people can visit a brewery, pick their favorite draft, and take some home in a safe, sealed container. These are a big deal in the brewing community and having your logo on one means that they’ll be visiting bars far and wide…and sending people straight back to try their own creations.

3. Tasters Log Book

One of the true joys of traveling the world in search of the Holy Grail of beer is the act of reflection that comes after every drink. Many tasters like to keep a log of the beers they’ve tried. Sure, they can grab a notebook from home and your client’s beer will be 1 of the 500 in their book. Or, you can put your name right on the front and let people know that wherever they go, your brewery is the BMOC (the big mug on campus).

Notebooks have great staying power, as they are kept for years, giving your brand valuable face time with your customers.

4. Craft Cooler

So, your brewery is doing well and now you are even bottling and canning your special blend. Awesome! But now your customers are going to stick the beer in a cooler and hit the beach, park, backyard BBQ, etc., and people will only see the brand when they take the beer out of the cooler.

Solution: put your brand on the cooler.

These bad boys are classy and come in handy for any “I need a beer” situation; including but not limited to: “fun in the sun”, “man on the run”, and “visiting the in-laws”.

5. Beer Flight Kit

A story inspired by ancient texts: If you give a man a beer, he’ll drink for a day. If you give a man a full flight kit, he’ll be able to pour different beers into each different glass and then he’ll be able to pick the one he likes the most, and then he’ll come back and drink more wonderful beer, most likely forever.

The flight kit is awesome, because it’s both customizable with your brand and, with chalk, then customize the flight with the specific beers you are serving their customers.  And of course, those beers will lead back to your fine brewery.

We love the concept of this FLIGHT CRATE, we're going to give you one at no charge, ENGRAVED with your Company Logo or artwork!  The other side has a chalkboard which makes it easy for servers to write the names of the different craft brews!

In the link below is a short form to fill out your information.  We will call you to set up all the details - your engraved imprint and mailing address.  I promise, we will not share your information or send you junk mail!